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there are no words. I've never seen any toddlers do this by themselves.

Llama: a B+ on my first day, what is this crap?

Yes! now we have enough money to renovate a little bit
I think I have a hack in for more realistic salaries, whoops.

Llama: Today Sim City PS 001, tomorrow, THE WORLD!

Llama didn't get to show off her A+ report card, because Fawn was busy fixing the computer that Harper broke looking at girl porn.

and despite her OTH being tinkering, it didn't make her any more immune to being shocked when she shoved that flat head into the cd drive.

Llama: look mom, I can't be BFFs with you if you're going to walk around smelling like burnt flesh all day, it's bad for my public image.

no, I'm just kidding, he doesn't walk around looking like that all the time.

Lemur & Lion

So, since Fawn came into a little bit of money at work, I decided to make them a real living area.

here's Harper modeling it for you. that ceiling fan? my dream fan.

Weird Traveler Kid (henceforth known as WTK): I heard your mom was going to put a hit out on your other mom!
Fawn: -blissfully unaware-

Lemur: why're you looking at me? I didn't put a hit out on her.

Llama: you know, mom, pink is my favorite color, too! I must compliment you on the color scheme of this house!
Fawn: the moon sure is bright tonight.

christening the new living room, under the watchful eye of Ikea Zebra.

win, and win.

Llama: what's wrong Lemur, balls in a knot?
Lion: don't speak to my follower about his balls, you vile woman!
Lemur: -just smile and nod, they may sniff you and leave you alone-

Llama: I heard in some cultures they actually fight for heavy women, Lion, why don't you move there?

Fawn: first this woman lets her wretched child over here to tell my precious angels that their other mother has taken a hit out on me, and now she sits around flirting with my wife. what is the meaning of this?

she sat around to eat some spaghetti til 2 AM then I had Harper tell her to hit the road.

Llama: my mom is so hott! just a few more years and I'll be putting hits out on my sex partners just like her.

I want to know what she's been reading.

Lemur: I seem to have aced this report card, I should be excited, yes?

Lemur: Yes!

Harper: Look at all these blonde haired grey eyed children, am I starting an army?

Llama: I feel a sudden tingling in my toes, what is the meaning of this?

Llama: this is what I think of the establishment!

I had more photos, but for some reason imageshack is being a bitch and giving me a "no thumbnail available" thing and not letting me see =[

Harper: Son, being that you're the only male in this house, I feel that I should tell you about balls, first off, if you want to keep your balls, don't play with them.

Lion & Fawn: ew this kid smells like balls.

Lion: you know how I told you I was going to steal your yacht? well, I'm actually going to steal a plane to get the hell away from here.

Llama is a lesbian.

the babysitter called Lemur on the phone to chat
Lemur: Listen, if I can't play with my balls, neither can you, and for the record, I don't play doctor with anyone over the age of eleven.

and because Imageshack is sucking a whole lot today, I'm going to leave you with some Llama spam, okay?


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