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Boring text update -

I haven't posted in a while, clearly, for a couple of stupid real life reasons.
one being that my fiance' and I aren't together any more and I moved out of the house that we were living in.
the second being that I got a job that requires me to sit at a desk for ten hours a day four days a week.
but! I'm moving into a new apartment in about a week and I'll have my sims computer then =D so sit tight.

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So, I downloaded Sim 3 for like...the fourth time, and installed it + patched it, and now I'm downloading ambitions, I think I'll skip world adventures or whatever that expansion was called 'cause last time I tried it, it made my game go reaaaaally slow.

anyway, I'm still keeping sims 2 installed and I'm going to play my generations in all of the various round robins that I'm in, but I thought I'd give sims 3 a try for a little while since the game play itself is actually pretty fun, the sims just aren't as pretty to me, but since there's way more custom content available than when I first played it, I'm going to give it a second chance.


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So, the Viking lot has gotten really laggy, and I don't think it's the sheer number of people on the lot.
I've downloaded a bunch of houses from mod the sims but I've used them all previously with other families and none of them really have the living space that I like in my houses, so unless I renovated extensively...it wouldn't work.

does anyone have any suggestions of houses that have lots of living space? or maybe if anyone has any of the houses they've used for legacies previously packaged up, that'd be awesome.
my building skills are minimal and I get frustrated trying to build a nice house.

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I cropped/resized photos for a new update earlier, I've still got to add borders, make a teaser and upload them tomorrow.

in other non sim related news:
I've been playing Dragon Age 2 and also, The Witcher.

OH, and I filled out a ridiculously long form online for financial aid so I can take college classes, woo!