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Mary Katherine had a whopping 83% of the vote at last count, and therefore, rather obviously, has won the heir poll.
she also got a job in Dance when she got home from college, because I didn't know college made you drop the job you had before you went into it. it does.

Mary Katherine's second act as an adult with a degree? to shove her tongue down Eight by boolpropbea's throat.

you're lucky this isn't the first generation, Eight, or you might have been out of a job.

and then ACR (which I've been calling ARC, for uh, as long as I've had it.) decided that mating was appropriate.
oh and they're doing it in Mary Katherine's new bedroom, which I redecorated.
I know it looks a lot like a little girls bedroom but when I think of ballerinas, I think of pink.

and this is the only real photo I got of the newly redecorated kitchen, which is awesomely out of my comfort zone with the colors, but I love it.
another fun fact: I had no idea about the redecorate button before this play time, literally, I read a tutorial where they used it and I thought 'huh, well that makes a lot more sense as to why people include colored OMSP's with their stuff.' and I'll say, it makes my life a whole hell of a lot easier.

and then my game crashed while I was getting Eight to buy clothes, so this is their first time banging in the house for the second time.

Celery died, and Grimmy showed up naked and headless for a second time, which scared me until I realized it was the beard replacements I downloaded a while ago.
so I deleted the offending file and we'll see if grimmy shows up naked next time, I'm sure he'll be fine, maybe a little embarrassed.

Eight is a family sim, his want when he got to me was to get to the top of the culinary career, to which I laughed and changed his LTW immediately. his new LTW is to have six grandchildren, and obviously to shake his booty as much as possible.

I know you can see nips here, maybe photobucket won't notice.
but look how cute!


the counters had to go because while I really thought they'd work as table space, they didn't, and I have a severe lack of brightly colored furniture in my game.
oh and Mary Katherine thinks that milk was a bad choice.

a very bad choice.
I also need more food inspired artwork, asap.

if you're already sick from the milk, Mary Katherine, you shouldn't stand out in the sun.

Stephen nods in your direction, voters.
I'll probably play a spare update with him tonight since I have to get my game up and running for the purpose of photographing my january founders for pixel_trade anyway.
on that note, one of the founders I made is a girl, and she is somehow packaged with a beard..why is this? and how can I repackage her without having to go through body shop?

Eight had a want to "get a job" so I thought we'd put him to work in something I haven't done ten times before in this legacy, architecture!


she was completely fine except for being tired! and she hadn't even told me she was pregnant yet besides gagging all over the place. I resent this, inteen.

let's cross our fingers for the remainder of this pregnancy, she obviously isn't the best candidate for making babies.

old age creeping up on you, Sigrid?

this preg morph looks more to me what I'd look like in a leotard, except MK is missing the bulging thighs.

oh and her knockers are huge.

two in one day? yes!

this is Mary Katherine's career reward, even though she hadn't gotten a promotion. but I'm not complaining, it's pretty and I'm almost positive two people can use it at once.

three in one day?! unheard of!

I think Mary Katherine is a good blend of her parents, I also think that one of the items of clothing she's wearing has a weird pregnancy morph.

I know some women like a working man, so here is one.

I didn't cap it, but all of the animals in the house died in like one or two days.
and Eight was being obnoxious and rolling wants about kittens and puppies or kittens AND puppies, so I got them a puppy.

MK agrees with my decision, I guess she's trying to practice her parenting.
another note: I'm probably the only one that feels this way, but I really hate the trend of animals prints, I think they're tacky, not to offend anyone.

I smell a LTW right around the corner!

sometimes I wish there was a more involved birthing scene where the mother breaks all the fathers fingers occasionally, that'd be pretty interesting.

the naming theme for this generation is ballet dancers, I was going to name them after the list of prima ballerina assolutas on wikipedia, but obviously those are all female, AND HE IS A BOY.
so he's named after Vladimir Vasiliev who is apparently a very good ballet dancer, and who I know nothing about.

fat lot of good the butler does me, he gets distracted and leaves food in the oven to burn down my new kitchen.

well Jett, it probably wouldn't be burnt if you would keep an eye on it instead of feeding the baby three bottles in a row, just a guess.

like I said, bottle after bottle after bottle.
Vladimir is a cute baby, he has a skin that I've never had pop up before, brown hair and alien eyes.

Eight wasn't rolling any marriage related wants despite being a family sim, neither was MK, so I decided to get the ball rolling.

and they are still cute.

once you get up to a certain level in the career ladder, it gets really tiring to make them study for work all the time.

Sigrid is still around, and adorable.

men really do this, snacking while you're cooking dinner.

and we've got another one!

literally an hour after she puked it gave me this.

she got glitched while she was rubbing her aching back and then she walked around like this until I forced an error on her.

movin' on up in the world.

this is actually her dancing, not complaining about being in pain.

I decided to let Sigrid and Phorcys age by themselves, this may come back to bite me later.

D'AWHHHH he's cute! I'm tired of boys, yes still, but he's cute.

Mary Katherine's eyeshape and color, Eight's face shape, not sure about the nose or the lips really.
no elfies =[

so cute!

yeah, I still haven't activated the servo.
but pop! with dust! I never get blue dust but I know it exists!

wow, what deep pockets they have.


like I said, it bit me in the ass.
Phorcys was in the red then he aged and had to see the shrink.

Lauren! it's hard enough for her to keep that baby in, don't tempt it!

still sexy.

I like having the grandparents home to help out with the babies.
though the butler actually does a pretty good job of it, all things considered.

this is the only true smustling I've seen in a while, and it's adorable.

Phorcys, I told you that you're cute, I'm trying to give you the grandchildren that you're rolling wants for, can you stop trying to burn down my NEW KITCHEN?!

those trees in the background are a hammock, it's never used, I'm sad about that.

you may have noticed I haven't been rolling challenges lately, for one because I got through the five generations of the viking death squad legacy several generations ago, and two because I'm lazy.
but I'm going to start again next time I play, even though it seems like things keep popping up without being told to.
damn repo man.

Sigrid's still got it. but I just noticed her eyebrows are still red. I have to fix that.

and here we are again, you remember this don't you, Mary Katherine?

photo number 69, damn you!

yep, there's one out already, and Jett says hello to you, viewers.
Samuel in the background is also watching his uh, a bunch of times great grandchildren be born.

Yes, there is a girl!
Marcelo is the boy that was in the background of the first photo, he has Sigrid's freckly skin, brown hair and light blue eyes.
and Mathilde has a random pooklet skin, alien eyes and brown hair.
Mathilde is named after Mathilde Kschessinska and Marcelo was named after a dancer named Marcelo that I found on wikipedia and I'm not digging around for again.

tonight I shall work on a spare update with Stephen and my January founders photos.
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